Apr 28, 2020


Two weeks since DicTater released, this will be the first substantial update. I took a shot at balancing construction, which will change the way that you’ll develop your nation over time.

Building Upgrade Changes

As I mentioned in my last developer blog, I was going to change the way that upgrades work. Here's the main recap:

  • You can no longer upgrade from level 1 to 3 or 4. You can no longer upgrade from level 2 to 4. Upgrades are now incremental.
  • The building times for all buildings have been adjusted so that it will take less time to upgrade them.
    • Certain buildings like the regimental camps and the forts had no point to them if they were going to take as long as they did, so they were significantly reduced to ensure that they would have some point to them.
  • The "Tough Rope" technology in the Stability Research tree has been changed from +4 Development Cap to +1 Builder.
    • The new changes may put a little bit of stress on colonization because it's more important to build buildings early-game. The AI also has a greater ability to expand and build than the player, so it was fair to put a builder very early into the research tree.

I've made a few changes to the UI for the construciton menus so that it provides more information and isn't as confusing.

The updated building and construction menus


Version 1.1.6 Changelog

  • Changed the upgrade and building system.
    • Upgrades are now incremental.
    • Added more information to the building menus.
    • Tough Rope technology has been changed to +1 Builder from +4 Development Cap.
  • Fixed 2 issues with opening an info menu.
  • Fixed an issue with viewing past policies.
  • Fixed a game-breaking but when generating a hectic campaign.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with removing buildings.


Version 1.1.6 should come out wednesday. It's currently being processed on both platforms. Next update will address bugs and might include some extra unlockable content.

Thanks for reading,