May 06, 2020

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(Above, Left) The new deity, Amyloplast.

(Above, Right) A spritesheet for the UI that I'm working on.


I released a new update for the game last Friday, which was a little earlier than I had anticipated. I had found a rather major bug with gaining builders, which needed to be fixed sooner rather than later. But at the very least it added something instead of being the everyday hotfix. More content is always good.


Version 1.1.7 Changelog

  • Added Amyloplast, Deity of Structure. Unlockable for 2500 Prestige in the Deity Selection Screen.
  • Increased prestige gain by about 100%.
  • Fixed an issue with not gaining builders when all builders were full.
  • Fixed an issue with opening the settings menu in the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue with the puebtato cliffs event not finishing.
  • Fixed an issue with discovering all ocean tiles after loading in a game.
  • Ensured that attacks and Intatergence missions couldn't be initiated if there was already another action on the tile.


UI Changes

A major complaint that players and reviewers have relayed back to me is that the UI can be a little confusing. Some buttons don't look like buttons, some panels look like buttons. This, coupled with the poor port to beveled screens, can make the gameplay less enjoyable. So, I've been working on a more standardized UI that looks a lot better.

An updated UI for DicTater!

As you can see, the UI works for an iPhone X screen, bevels and all. These images aren't final, but I believe it's a lot crisper.

There will be elements from the previous UI that will still remain, of course. Just certain buttons, tabs, and information placements will be changed so that it generally looks better. The UI changes will likely come out with the 1.2 release that will introduce persistent skills to the game.

Thanks for checking in with the progress of the game!