May 19, 2020

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I was silent last week, but that was only because I was hard at work on the new skills system. Let's take a deep look at what's to come.

Skills System

Currently, there's not a lot of progression in the game. You play the game, get some prestige, unlock a few deities, and that's it. Other than unlocking cosmetics with prestige, you can't really unlock anything else. Skills aim to fix this issue: they're repeatable perks that will allow you to unlock extra (albeit small) bonuses. That way, even if you lose to a stupid assassination when you weren't paying attention, you still get rewarded for playing.

DicTater has lots of Skills to Unlock

There are over 45 skills to unlock. Some effects repeat, but they're mostly unique effects. Each skill can be leveled up 10 times, and each skill has a prestige cost between 250 and 1000. Like the research trees, you can only unlock a skill if you have a previous one unlocked. However, the level of the previous skill doesn't affect how much you can level up the next one.

Here are some effects in the skill tree to name a few:

  • AP/HP percent bonuses for each troop.
  • Construction time decrease
  • Development cost decrease
  • Starting troops
  • Starting development
  • Intatergence mission time
  • Prestige gain


UI Changes

As mentioned in the last post, I was working on the UI for the game. It was a big problem for some screens, so I've done some extra work and made sure that every screen fits to screens like iPhone X. I had to simplify some screens, but hopefully that will just make it easier to figure out what's going on.

The UI assets are now more standardized, and solid. Every screen has had their assets changed. You'll know what a button is and what a panel is. Here are some examples:

Screenshots of the new UI

Future Content

I've been working on something else: Incidents! I've mentioned them before, but I won't go into detail this time either. But notice that if you scroll up, there's another tab in the Skills menu.

Incidents will be major events that happen in playthroughs. While they don't fit together to be a DLC, they will still have some major elements to gameplay. They will be cheap to unlock with gold, and cheaper in bundles. But, if you really like playing the game but hate supporting your local potato developer, then they'll also be unlockable with prestige. =)

I'm not going to reveal any of them now, but here's a cryptic image.

Lamiiad, the Tot

Thanks for reading!