May 26, 2020

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Let's take a look at some substantial new content today: incidents.


Incidents are events that can be unlocked through prestige (10k to 15k) or gold (800 - 2000). They add some nice flavor to the world, and can be considered special because they don't always happen.

8 incidents will be available for purchase when update 1.2.0 comes out. While I won't go over every single incident, here are 2 that you may find interesting:

Revenge of the Russets

The Revenge of the Russets incident will always fire on day 120. Day 120 doesn't normally happen on the Standard campaign, so this event is only for the Infinite game mode.

You will get the option to adopt a doctrine of revenge against the other factions. If you do so, the economic and domination victories will be disabled, and the revenge victory will be enabled. A special event will start up, allowing you to subjugate each faction. Subjugation happens daily, increasing saltiness, prestige, and subjugation value.

Once every faction gets to 100% subjugation, you win the game.

Revenge of the Russets special event menu

This victory isn't based on external domination as much as it is internal. As such, it's based more on managing saltiness and revolts than it is taking over the rest of the world. To add a bit more challenge, repeatable events based on who you subjugate will occur to punish you for taking such a radical path.

Since all other victories are disabled and you get to choose when you rival players, this will also allow you to completely take over the world for as long as you want. You could potentially go to day 10000 and have taken over every single province, but still not have won the game. So even if you don't like the whole subjugation dealio, it could still be of interest.

The Red and Purple War

Not all of the incidents will involve the player. The Russets already have enough to worry about. They don't have to be involved in every single war!

The Reds and the Purples have feuded for many generations, but this time it seems like they'll actually go to war. If the Reds are rivaled with the Purples, or vice versa, then there is a chance that the Red and Purple war will trigger mid-game.

Each side will attack each other vigerously, and will also ask for support from every faction. They will ask the Russets for support (as long as they think they can get support), and it will be up to you whether or not to give any. You may even be rewarded for your help, depending on how well the faction you supported does.

Red v Purple war

Once again, those are only two of 8 incidents that can be unlocked with the next update. The other 6 are already mostly done, but the update will have some extra content and fixes that I'll be including to ensure that it's a substantial update.


I'll include some more details on 2 other incidents that may be of interest next week, and I might also mention achievements.

Thanks for reading. See you next week.