Jun 02, 2020

This week I spent a lot of my time working on boring monetization and international privacy regulation concerns. I can't really show that off, so let's take a second look at some of the incidents.


As a reminder, incidents are events that can be unlocked through prestige (10k to 15k) or gold (800 - 2000). They add some nice flavor to the world, and can be considered special because they require special conditions to be met.

8 incidents will be available for purchase when update 1.2.0 comes out. Here are 2 more that you may find interesting:

Green Civil War

The Greens are known for their military prowess, not their statecraft. If they haven't developed their state well enough by day 20, then the Green Civil War may occur at some point between day 20 and 50, if they have 2 or more cities.

One of the Greens' warlords becomes restless with their leader, and will desire to shift factions. If this happens, the warlord will look to the Greens' alignment and those who aligned with the greens for help. This could be one of the AI, or even the player.

If paid well enough, the warlord may be convinced to switch their city over to a different faction. Once this happens, a civil war is likely to ensue...

The whites get the greens' city

The Anomaly

Research has gotten our civilization very far. Unfortunately, the recent experiment done at one of your level 4 research facilities has gone awry. An interdimensional portal has appeared, and has destroyed every building in its radius. This is a disaster!

With this incident, you'll have a very small chance to be confronted with a disastrous event once a level 4 research building has been completed. But once your country recovers from the fact that there's an irradiating dimensional rift in your land and goes back to planting potatoes like normal, you'll find that you'll be able to do some special research into the secrets of the anomaly.

Secret weaponry awaits. Ones that are similar to the explosive ones we own now, but not as permanent in their damage.

Future Content

Other updates have been added as well. A few more events in the ROE expansion have been added to add some "flavor" to the Magna Kartoffel event. Another event to make the other nations more aggressive towards the player to make the economic victory a little more difficult has been added as well.

Development for the 1.2.0 update is nearing an end. It's mostly bugfixes, testing, and small additions at this point. I can't say exactly when the update will come out, but it is possible that I'll have a release candidate somewhere in the next two weeks.

I'll talk more about these small changes next week.