Jun 18, 2020


Introducing a small new update.

Version 1.2.2 Patch Notes


  • Added repeatable technologies for each research tree.
  • Added an additional event nearing economic victory that causes the other factions to become more aggressive.


  • Factions now have a cap to how many troops they can have on each tile based on their buildings and development, similar to the player.
  • The player can only tap on the capital 10 times per second. This is to mitigate the issue of autotappers. Does not affect manufactories.
  • You can no longer defend the capital with 0 troops.
  • Technologies are now worth 8 victory points each (from 4).
  • Cities are now worth 500 victory points each (from 150).
  • There is now a delay to select an option in the Faction Communication page.


  • Fixed an issue with loading special events.
  • Fixed an issue where achievements weren't updated in Google Play.
  • Fixed an issue where administration centers would give an incorrect amount of potatoes when gaining its tile.
  • Enemy of the Potatoes now works properly.
  • League of Assassins now works properly.
  • Fixed the new drug event.
  • The Green alignment now gives the "War Tradition" modifier instead of being absolute garbage.
  • Fixed an issue with the Standardized Testing policy strangely affecting level 1 research towers.
  • Fixed an issue with the rivalries and alignment tutorial starting
  • Fixed an issue where visitors would appear repeatedly.
  • Fixed an issue where visitor trades would cause the player to lose if they didn't have enough potatoes.
  • Fixed an issue where the technology "The Empire" wouldn't visibly change happiness gain.


Note on Leaderboards

The current leaderboard for quickest time is messed up due to the fact that autoclickers are a thing. This is fixed with the 1.2.2 update, but that means that the leaderboard had to be reset. Since Google Play doesn't allow me to back up leaderboards or reset them, a new leaderboard was added. We'll be able to see the old leaderboard, renamed to "Quickest Victory (Version 1.2.0)".


Note on Future Updates

I'm starting to work on the next expansion, but before then I'd like to set up support for translations. I'll be working on a French translation & a stronger push for marketing/community stuff before any further substantial updates come out. The game in its current state is not profitable, and I intend to fix that by strengthening the game and its community instead of adding a bunch of pay-to-win features like Hexonia did.


Have a good week,



Fun Fact: There are over 240 events in the game!