Aug 28, 2020

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After two months of complete silence, it’s time to take a look into the next update, version 1.3.0. The next update will feature the second expansion for DicTater, as well as extra free mechanics. This post won’t go into everything, but it will have substantial content nonetheless.

Disclaimer: this expansion was planned since this game was conceived in 2017. COVID 19 did not exist then. The potato blight is extremely important to history, and it seemed a shame to have a game all about potatoes without that element.


The Blight

The blight is a new threat to every cultivar. The muck of the cities is a perfect breeding ground for this disease. Famine will surely ensue.

Once the total development of the land reaches 100 development, the blight appears in a cultivar’s city. This is usually anywhere from day 15 to 20, though it depends on how aggressive each faction develops their tiles.

From the ground zero city tile, it quickly spreads out across the land. The blight generally spreads onto tiles that are conquered, and spreads faster to tiles with higher development. New events have been added to aid the advancement of the blight.

A tile that has the blight gains a modifier:

  • -30 Farm Gain
  • -20% Defender HP
  • +25% Development Cost

While not utterly oppressive, it can handicap you during the midgame if you don’t handle it correctly.

Blight Spreading

Regardless of whether or not you purchase the next expansion, there will be ways to remove the blight from a province. A few new technologies have been added to the stability research tree.

After unlocking the ability to chop down jungles, you will be able to unlock the quarantine technology. Using a builder, you can quarantine a province. You get the option to quarantine a province in the build menu when building on a province with the blight. Removing the blight takes 1 builder and takes 90 seconds.

At the very end of the stability research tree, a new blight vaccine technology has been added. It costs 150 stability points, and will halt the spread of the blight.

New technologies in DicTater Version 1.3.0


The Blight Doctors

Upon the arrival of the blight, the blight doctors come into play. Great profits are to be made off of every crisis, and this is no exception. The blight doctors will travel from city to city, including your capital.

Moving blight doctors

When a wandering blight doctor is standing on a tile you own, you can tap on said tile to interact with them. A new button shows up, and tapping on it will cause a communication panel to pop up. Blight doctors can help remove a tile or develop it in ways that relate to the blight. There are five different blight doctors: four with unique personalities, event chains, and lines. A generic fifth comes in generic forms. We’ll look into these event chains more in depth in a future development log.

The blight doctors add another layer of depth to the game, and the hope is that subsequent updates will invite more types of these wanderers to the land.

Talking to blight doctors in DicTater


The Blighted Faction

If the blight spreads too far for too long, the Blighted Faction will develop. They find themselves tossed away from society, and are determined to become relevant again. The Blighted Faction has only one goal: to destroy.

The Blighted King will make his appearance known once he spawns. Unlike the other factions, no diplomatic actions can be taken with this faction. They attack without discrimination, and they attack often. They will not colonize or build, they will only grow in number and conquer nearby provinces.

Blighted Faction sieged

Every day, a few blighted tiles will automatically defect to the blighted faction. But don’t worry- just because they sympathize with the blighted faction doesn’t mean that they rebel. In fact, it doesn’t cost happiness to attack the Blighted faction!

Upon spawning, a new city will form. Sieging down this city will result in a unique reward and event chain, but most importantly, you’ll see the Blight King in full force. He will yell at you from the battlements and even face your general in battle in the last wave.


Other Additions

A few other actions have been added to the roster of options that players will have with the 1.3.0 update. They’re minor, and some of them will be locked behind the expansion. We will go more in depth into these options in a future developer log.

There is still more in development, and testing is still being done to catch bugs and to balance the game. As usual, we’re developing with the idea that players should pay for content, not to win.

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Thanks for reading.