Oct 05, 2020

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DicTater Version 1.3.0 is arriving this month, so get ready to play! This time around we'll be going over some of the features that are arriving for each player, instead of just the Plague and Famine Expansion.


Difficulty System

Taking from other games of the same genre, you can now choose the difficulty of your campaign. Higher difficulties will increase the advantage that the other nations have over you, and will increase the amount of sacrifice that you deal with. But, on the bright side, you get more prestige!

There are 5 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Crazy, and Legendary. Normal is what everyone has been playing with. Easy is, well, easier. But don't worry, those results won't be added to the leaderboards.

I've also taken the liberty to add stars to each game mode and each difficulty. Now you can be a perfectionist and get all of them, if you really want to.

Difficulty example


Exploiting Development

A new technology has been added to the stability tree: Exploitation. You will be able to unlock this technology after the strong axes technology, for 4 stability research points.

You can exploit the development of a province. This means that there must be a building on the tile that provides some development. Exploiting the development of a tile will give you 300 potatoes (by default) for each development on the tile, but it will remove the building and your development cap will not increase. Use this to gain an influx of potatoes when desperate, or when tearing down the buildings of territories that you conquer from other factions.

Exploiting development takes 30 seconds.


Tournament Mode

While true multiplayer may never come to DicTater, I've added something that may pique some interest. Tournament mode will allow players to compete against the rest of the players and earn rewards while doing so!

The rules are simple. You get 25 days to gain as many victory points as you possibly can. At the end of the week (Thursday) you gain rewards based on how well you do. The best champion is shown off to the rest of the world, so those cosmetics you've been racking up are now going to come in handy. Other players will gawk out how beautiful (or ugly) your victorious potato is!

Lots of gold are available for those who participate, so be sure to play every week.

dictater tournament mode


Rewarded Surveys

I've added rewarded surveys to the shop of DicTater. That may not sound like very good news, or you may not care at all. But, at the end of the day, I hope that this will be a way for those who don't want to pay for cosmetics, incidents, or the Roots of an Empire expansion to get them while still supporting the game.


That's it for now, but there is still more in the update that I won't reveal! Guess you'll just have to wait for the update to drop soon. Hope you'll enjoy the upcoming update- I have some testing to do!