Oct 17, 2020


Version 1.3.0 is coming in the next few days. Here are the full patch notes for the introduction of the Plague and Famine expansion.




  • Added a blight that spreads across the map. Spreads faster in colonized provinces and provinces with more development. A tile with blight has detrimental affects towards developing it.

  • Added Quarantine technology in the stability tree. Use 1 builder to remove the blight from a province. Takes 30 seconds and 1 development.

  • Added Blight Vaccine technology in the stability tree. Halts the spread of the blight in your provinces.

  • Added a hospital to reduce the susceptibility of surrounding provinces to the blight.



  • Added a new difficulty system that gives the player more challenges to complete.

  • Added stars to each game mode based off of the victory points that you gain. The number of victory points that you need to gain all 3 stars are different for every mode.



  • Added 6 blight related events.

  • Added an event that may occur when taking a city.

  • Added 12 other events.


Tournament Mode

  • Added a new game mode called "Tournament Mode." Takes 25 in-game days, only Crazy difficulty. Requires online play.

  • Players can win gold from doing well in tournament mode in comparison to the rest of the population. Resets every week.

  • #1 on the leaderboard will be shown off to the rest of the population, so cosmetics matter! Show off your potato like never before.



  • Added exploit development technology in the stability tree. Destroy a building and get 300 potatoes (default) for each development. Takes 30 seconds. No development is returned.

  • Added TheoremReach surveys to give players another method of getting surveys.

  • Added Daily Rewards!


Plague And Famine Additions

  • New Seize Supplies button in the attack menu. Allows the player to take potatoes from the enemy faction without attacking. Increases saltiness instead.

  • New Barrage Artillery button in the reinforcement menu. Allows the player to reduce the amount of time that a siege wave takes. Costs artillery.

  • The Blighted Faction appears once the blight takes too much of the map. They constantly attack, and are a menace to society. Their status as deplorable potatoes allows you to attack them with no happiness cost.

  • Wandering Blight Doctors roam the lands, offering you assistance in the travesty of the blight. They can help you take advantage of the situation, relieve the suffering of your land, or even discover a cure.

  • Added a blight bioweapon in the advanced arms menu. Can be built once the blight fires and advanced weaponry technology is unlocked.

  • Added a blight spy mission to infect a province with the blight.

  • Added compost center buildings, which give potatoes based on which tiles nearby have the blight.



Event System Changes

  • A new algorithm has been put in place to help the firing of events. Previously, events each had their own special requirements for firing. Now, the probability of an event firing is also based off of how long it has been since the last event has fired.

  • Events have been reconfigured to spread them out more evenly throughout the game.

  • The game now pauses when events appear.


AI Changes

  • Factions are more likely to train when more salty.

  • Factions are now affected by per-hex development efficiency changes.

  • Factions are more likely to farm potatoes when low on potatoes.

  • Factions cannot train troops in their city during a siege two times over their train capacity.

  • A siege wave's maximum amount of troops has been reduced to x1.05 troop limit (from x2.4).

  • The AI gains less points from AI battles now.

  • Cities start with far fewer troops in their so that an early-game rush becomes somewhat plausible.

  • Removed economic inferiority defeat condition. Sometimes occurred due to weird combinations of modifiers, and wasn't fun for the player. Thus, removed.


Victory Points

  • Tiles now give 50 victory points (from 20).

  • All buildings give 25 times the amount of points that they used to.

  • Each technology gives 10 research points (from 8).

  • Points from killing troops is now capped at 10000 (from 15000).

  • -The player's capital now gives 1000 victory points.

  • -Potatoes now give .07 victory points each (from .03).

  • -Monuments now give 100 victory point (from 50).


Other Changes

  • Capped happiness loss from an attack or siege wave at 10 (from 15).



  • Fixed an issue with modifiers that affected build time.

  • Fixed an issue where the primordial shrine wouldn't fire an event.

  • Fixed an issue where the Russet faction would gain rebellion progress instead of an AI faction.

  • Fixed an issue where winning a level of a siege with a faction that had negative potatoes would result in strange issues.

  • Renamed a button in the diplomacy menu.

  • Fixed an issue where forts would be counted twice when built.

  • Fixed some faction leader animations.

  • Fixed an issue where any music other than the main theme music wouldn't play.

  • Recolored an event’s text color during the magna kartoffel event.

  • Fixed an issue where "The Empire" effect would take place twice.

  • Fixed an issue where the player's capital would be counted twice in the player's count of tiles.

  • Fixed a graphical issue where a farm that is ready to be collected and is taken by an enemy is broken when reconquered.

  • Fixed two issues with the Revenge of the Russets event chain.