Dec 07, 2020

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This is a tiny update incoming to address a few complaints and add just a little holiday cheer. While some games have cool events, I realize that with the time that I have I really can't. So take a tiny santa hat instead.



  • Added a small gem dust shop.
  • Added a santa hat and a santa body to the new gem dust shop.
  • Added snow as an option for rain.



  • Reduced the contrast of rain. 

  • You can now quarantine on tiles that you could not normally build on, like monuments.



  • Fixed an issue where swiping quickly into the tournament mode screen would cause it to be the wrong gamemode.


Future Updates

Like I said last time, I'm going to be winding down the content updates from here on out. I do have other projects to get to, and I want to focus on the next large update for DicTater. Once substantial progress has been made on that front, I will update the discord and the website here. Speaking of which, please join the Discord channel! I'm a friendly dev, and I listen to what people want. If you want your voice heard, join!


As always, thanks for playing,