Jun 12, 2020

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Nearly 2 months after DicTater released, a new content update is coming out this Sunday. New features for extended gameplay are here to keep players engaged for a little bit longer. Here are the patch notes for Version 1.2.0: Skills.


Complete UI Redesign

  • Every single menu in the game has recieved updated assets in the name of consistency.
  • Certain menus have been redesigned to be less cluttered.
  • The UI now supports "notch screens" like the iPhone X.



  • Added a skill tree in the main menu. Increase your power using prestige.
    • There are 46 skills available for players to unlock. Each skill has 10 levels.
    • The cost to upgrade each skill ranges between 250 to 1000 prestige.
    • Skills range from simple percentage boosts to extra starting resources.

Skills breakdown



  • Added an incident shop in the main menu (found in the Skills menu).
  • Incidents are special unlockable events that spice up gameplay. Their effects can range anywhere from new special events, gaining cities, or even permanently unlocking special deities.
  • 8 Incidents have been added:
    • Revenge of the Russets
      • Win a new victory type, Revenge, in the Infinite game mode by subjugating every faction.
    • The Anomaly
      • Accidentally discover an interdimensional portal when building a level 4 research tower, leading to antimatter missiles!
    • The Forgotten Eye
      • Find a lost eye and cultivate it, bringing a new force into existence.
    • Finger Rebellion
      • Every faction will quake in fear when the Fingers fight for freedom. If by day 70 the Fingers have very few provinces, they will revolt in each faction that does not support them.
    • Purple & Red War
      • The purples and the reds have been squabbling for generations, but now that they have declared official rivalries, trouble is brewing.
    • Green Civil War
      • The greens are known for war, not their administration. If the greens have too many cities in early-game, one of them may default to another faction.
    • Tuberian Wedding
      • Marry off a builder to gain closer relations to the yellows.
    • The White Citadel
      • The whites, in awe of your nation, will offer to build a city for you.
  • Purchase incidents using gold, prestige, or through a value pack.


Game Services

  • Added 3 new leaderboards via Google Play for Android and Game Center for iOS.
    • Quickest Victory
    • Victory Points: Standard Campaign
    • Quickest Hectic Victory
  • Added 42 achievements (9 hidden) to unlock via Google Play for Android and Game Center for iOS.
  • Added a manual cloud save option for Android Devices.
    • Found in the main menu's settings menu.
    • Use to upload or load the data outside of the campaign (gold, prestige, dlc, skills, etc.) to the cloud so that it isn't lost between devices.
    • Note: currently doesn't support saving campaigns.


Roots of an Empire Changes

  • Added 5 new policies. Now each faction has 6 policies each.
    • Frying Health Guidelines (Fingerling):
      +30 Fry Cost, -1 Fry Happiness Loss
    • Batter Inspections (White):
      +8% Fry Chance
    • Lazze Fare Frying (Yellow):
      -3 Fry Cost
    • Mandatory Frying (Red):
      +20% Fry Chance, +1 Fry Happiness Loss
    • Technology Transfer (Purple):
      +1 Diplomacy Roll
  • Added repeatable events that could happen during the Magna Kartoffel special event. They affect the point sums of either the PRO or CON sides.
  • Increased the aggressiveness of factions during the Magna Kartoffel special event.
  • Shortened the Event Time to 10:00 (from 12:00).


Other Changes

  • Added an event that occurs once the player could feasibly reach economic victory.
  • Added a series of events that occurs if the player doesn't attack.
  • Added days and victory points info to the defeat and victory screens.
  • Added more information to the player info menu.
  • The AI will now threaten to nuke you at high levels of saltiness if you don't give them a 10,000 potato tribute.
  • Decreased Purchasing Maps cost to 800 potatoes from 1000 potatoes.
  • Capped the victory points from killing troops at 15000 for both the player and the AI.
  • The AI will now build manufactories at high enough technology.
  • Monuments now give +50 victory points (from 0).
  • Owning tiles now give +5 victory points (from 3).
  • Increased prestige cost for every deity.
  • Buffed Green alignment bonus.
  • Capped siege levels at 7.
  • Adjusted AI vs. AI attacking algorithm to make it more dependent on the troops they have at hand. They are now generally more aggressive.
  • Changed Potatoganda technology effect to 2 happiness on battle win, until the happiness regeneration cap.
  • The volcano no longer always fires on day 15. It can now happen anytime between day 15 and 20.
  • Buffed the Science Crusade rewards for the volcano event to 15 research points of each type (previously 12 points of each type).
  • Buffed the Supremacy Crusade rewards for the volcano event to a 450 troop limit bonus (previously 200) and a 25% AP/15% HP modifier (previously 20% AP/10% HP).
  • Nerfed the Holy Crusade rewards for the volcano event to 3 happiness regen (previously 4) and +40 happiness (previously 50).
  • Buffed the purple reformation bonus to 15 research points of each type, from 8 points of each type.
  • Nerfed the red reformation bonus to 40 saltiness lost from each faction from 50 saltiness lost from each faction.
  • Decreased the likelihood of certain early-game events from happening
  • Adjusted the wary natives event to be less likely.
  • The repeatable deforestation event will now only happen when building in forests. 7% chance of happening (previously 5%).
  • Crispier technology now gives the fry level regardless of whether or not the fry was successful (previously -1 happiness loss on fry failure).
  • Hectic mode gives all the other factions a small technology and potato boost as well.
  • Policy "Construction Subsidies" now gives +25% Sacrifice (previously 8%).
  • Glorious Propaganda technology effect now only increases happiness up to the happiness regeneration cap.
  • Factions are now less aggressive after the volcano event has ended.
  • The volcano event is now 9 minutes (previously 12 minutes).
  • Renamed "Diplomacy Chance" to "Diplomacy Roll"



  • Restricted scrolling within the stability and intatergence menus.
  • Fixed & buffed Fingerling alignment bonus.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the AI v AI battles on monuments and cities.
  • Fixed the Collapsing Fort event.
  • Fixed an issue where extremely precise numbers would appear in the defend menu.
  • Fixed a bug where any faction would win domination victory when they had lost a city.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the attack menu while the player was in the middle of an attack would return an incorrect number of troops.
  • Fixed an issue with the farmer surplus event.
  • Fixed an issue with the spytatoes in love event.
  • Fixed an issue where fry level would decrease, but AP & HP would.
  • Fixed an issue with the Standardized Testing policy.
  • Fixed a bug where spudlock holmes would cost 100 potatoes instead of 1000.
  • Initial Build Menu now displays the time it takes to chop.
  • Fixed an issue where destroying an administration center would remove too much from the tap output.
  • Fixed an issue where administration centers wouldn't update their tap output after a surrounding building upgraded itself.
  • Fixed GDRC compliance.
  • Added a save backup system that reverts the game to the last save if an error happens in loading. This is to mitigate save-corrupting issues.
  • Fixed an issue where tap output wouldn't factor in percentage increase.
  • Fixed an issue where the truces after the Magna Kartoffel special event wouldn't last very long.
  • Fixed an issue where the pro-side of the magna kartoffel wouldn't get points correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where an event chain would happen again if the player lost and regained a monument tile.
  • Fixed an issue where the Potateon event chain would happen instantly if pressing the "Yes" option.
  • Fixed an issue where cities weren't counted correctly for victory points.
  • Fixed an issue when choosing a rival's policy.
  • Fixed an issue where diplomatic annexation missions would be 4 times more probable than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where choosing amyloplast would cause an issue with saving.
  • Fixed an issue with the happiness decision in the old gods event.