Press Kit


Long story short, DicTater is a 4X strategy game that will be releasing to mobile devices. Similar to games like Civilization 5, you will build buildings, advance in research, and conquer new lands, all as a potato! But be warned, you will have to manage your potato counts; every day you must sacrifice potatoes to the potato gods. Be sure that you don't run out!

  • DicTater will release to iOS and Android.
  • Projected release date is before Q2 2020.
  • Developer: Cogniad LLC
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Price: Free with Paid Expansions

Screenshots: HERE

Trailer: HERE

Sample Article: HERE

DicTater is still evolving, so screenshots will come and go as development continues. The press kit is still evolving, and more will be added over time.

If you want, I can notify you by email when there are updates. Just ask here.

DicTater has been mentioned in articles like that from GameKeys, HappyGamer, and thisIsLevelUp.

"Difficult to put the game down as you attempt to bring your legions of starch and carbohydrates upon other potatoes"

Happy Gamer

"Can’t wait to see what's coming"